Training Tidbits

Pet Misbehaving When You're Away?

  • Separation Anxiety can be a destructive behavior making you and your pet anxious and upset.
  • Punishing the destructive behavior associated with separation anxiety will only confuse and worsen symptoms.
  • Don't make your departure or entrance a big deal. Wait until your dog is calm before giving any attention.
  • Give your dog an adequate amount of physical and mental exercise.
  • Play music and use calming scent products while you are away.
  • Desensitization your dog to separation, i.e. randomly go through your ritual of leaving then come back promptly. Take short trips then gradually prolong your time away.
  • Separation Anxiety can be successfully dealt with and changed with patience and time!

Is Your Dog a Jerk? Leash Tips

  • Remember to always stay calm on your walk. Walk like you are a leader.
  • Make your dog sit and wait calmly before entering and exiting all doors.
  • Stop every time your dog pulls you while on-leash. Be 100% consistent.
  • Vary your directions to keep your dog's attention and keep them following you.
  • Make sure collars sit on top of the neck for easier control.
  • Use a shorter lead for training.

Can My Puppy Be Trained?

  • Training can begin as soon as your newest family member comes home! Socializing your puppy helps to ensure that he/she grows into a secure, calm and well-mannered dog!
  • Make allnew experiences positive when socializing your puppy.
  • Get your puppy use to a collar and leash early by giving rewards without any tension on the leash.
  • Start teaching your puppy to come on command by saying their name followed by a reward.
  • Supervise your puppy 100% during the potty training phase. Never punish for eliminating inside.
  • Remember canines are, by nature, den animals. Crate training your puppy gives them a safe place; keep it positive!

Bored Pets Getting Into Mischief?

  • Bored pets are mischievous pets!
  • Dogs like to work! Giving them a task will help them with boredom. Teach your dog to bring objects like the newspaper to you.
  • Puzzle toys are a great way to help your pet elimate boredom.
  • Dancing is great for both of you! Teaching your dog to dance and follow you is not only fun it keeps them stimulated; fighting off boredom!
  • Make an obstacle course using cushions, chairs, boxes and more. Teach your dog to navigate through or jump over objects!
  • Stimulating their mind keeps your entire pack healthy and happy!