Stay and Train

Stay and Train provides fast results and is an excellent option for those with a busy schedule or when you go on vacation. Your dog will stay in our climate controlled indoor and outdoor kennels and receive daily personalized training in the areas you would like us to focus on.  Your dog gets a minimum of one hour of training each day at an appropriate pace and will enjoy interactive play and structure in a safe and educational environment. Your dog’s Stay and Train program will be personalized to meet the needs of you and your pet. You will also receive one free private lesson upon completion of our Stay and Train program, to transition your dog’s new skills to you in order to help maintain these new behaviors at home.

 Consultation visit required prior to program/ $40

Our philosophy is a well- behaved dog requires a lifetime of reinforcement to maintain good behavior. We recommend participation in continued education training, so your dog’s skills never fail. We can provide this through private training and group classes, or your dog is always welcome to Day Board and Train any day of the week Monday through Friday where we can work on any specific behavior you choose. This is an excellent option for a refresher on obedience and offers mental and physical stimulation. The Pend Oreille Pet Lodge Canine Training Team is here to help you lead the way to an obedient loving companion!


Behaviors we can help with during your dog’s stay with us:

Socialization with dogs and people/ Environmental exposure

Sit/ Down/ Stay/ Wait

Loose leash/ Heel/ Come

Leave it/ Drop it/ Back up

Place/ Free- release from hold

Refrain from jumping 

(one or two week programs and day trains available)

Call Monica for pricing: 208-651-0008