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training and socializing your pet not only makes life easier, but it also helps your pet feel safe, secure and happy.

WE have 3 trainers on staff to help lead the way to an ideal relationship of respect between you and your dog.  

we offer group or individual training year- round to assist you in all of your training needs. from puppy to canine good citizen, we have lots of options!

our facility includes indoor and outdoor areas for training.

Vaccination Policy

In an effort to provide the best possible care for your companions we are improving our policy regarding vaccinations.  Starting January 1st, all guests arriving at the lodge for boarding, training or grooming will need to be current on their vaccinations before check in. Vaccination must have been administered by a veterinarian. We require Bordatella given every six months, DHPP and Rabies vaccines. We will need the appropriate documentation PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. Please email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax 208-265-5004 ATTN: Pet lodge. Need assistance? Call us at 208-255-7687 we are happy to help.


Puppy Class

Puppy training classes are essential to ensuring that your dog is properly socialized at a young age and is a great way to set your newest family member on the right path to appropriate behaviors within your family environment.  Classes are taught in a safe, fun and positive environment with time for supervised play and socialization. This six week course is held once a week at our training facility. All puppies from the ages of eight weeks to six months are welcome to join!

Class covers:

·         Attention to name

·         Sit, down, stay, wait and come

·         Beginning loose- leash walking

·         Crate training

·         Potty training

·         Trust exercises

·         Tricks & Games

·         Clicker Training

·         What’s next: training opportunities after puppy class

Cost: $95

Puppy Power Hour

Want to start them out right?  We offer playgroups for puppies that are eight weeks to six months of age.  This is a great way to help your puppy learn important socialization skills and burn off some of that puppy energy!  Playgroups are held Thursdays at 11:00 am, drop-ins welcome! Owners to be present at the first playgroup; but may drop-off for additional playgroups.


Cost: $5.00 per session or $20.00 for five sessions

Basic Family Obedience

These classes are fun for the whole family! In this class you will learn how to deal with everyday behavioral issues of the family dog. Loose leash walking, greeting strangers, veterinary visits, excessive barking, chewing and digging are all common issues that can frustrate dog owners. We can help teach creative and practical ways to deal with the most common training issues, even with a busy life schedule.

This six week course is held once a week at our training facility. We welcome all breeds and ages six months and older!


 Class covers:

·         Loose leash walking and intro to heel

·         Trust exercises, skills all dogs should know: vet visits and grooming

·         Sit, down, stay and wait

·         Come- the life-saving skill

·         Off, anti-jumping exercises

·         Place or go to your bed

·         Impulse control and settle

·         Leave-it

·         Dog language

·         Clicker training

·         What’s next: training opportunities after basic obedience class

Cost: $95.00

Stay and Train

Stay and Train provides fast results and is an excellent option for those with a busy schedule or when you go on vacation. Your dog will stay in our climate controlled indoor and outdoor kennels and receive daily personalized training in the areas you would like us to focus on.  Your dog gets a minimum of one hour of training each day at an appropriate pace and will enjoy interactive play and structure in a safe and educational environment. Your dog’s Stay and Train program will be personalized to meet the needs of you and your pet. You will also receive one free private lesson upon completion of our Stay and Train program, to transition your dog’s new skills to you in order to help maintain these new behaviors at home.

 Consultation visit required prior to program/ $40

Our philosophy is a well- behaved dog requires a lifetime of reinforcement to maintain good behavior. We recommend participation in continued education training, so your dog’s skills never fail. We can provide this through private training and group classes, or your dog is always welcome to Day Board and Train any day of the week Monday through Friday where we can work on any specific behavior you choose. This is an excellent option for a refresher on obedience and offers mental and physical stimulation. The Pend Oreille Pet Lodge Canine Training Team is here to help you lead the way to an obedient loving companion!


Behaviors we can help with during your dog’s stay with us:

Socialization with dogs and people/ Environmental exposure

Sit/ Down/ Stay/ Wait

Loose leash/ Heel/ Come

Leave it/ Drop it/ Back up

Place/ Free- release from hold

Refrain from jumping 

(one or two week programs and day trains available)

Call Monica for pricing: 208-651-0008

Private or In-Home Lessons

Is your dog not quite ready for the "class" setting of group obedience classes?  Is your dog ready for more than a group obedience class?  Whatever the reason, whatever the need; our trainers can help!

Private lessons will help you take your dog to the next level of obedience or will help you to work on specific behavior issues.  Such as aggression, excessive barking, submissive/inappropriate urination and much more.  Private lessons can be held at either the comfort of your own home or at our Pend Oreille Pet Lodge training facility.  Our trainers will do a client needs assessment and behavior evaluation of your dog on the first visit.  From there, we will develop a short and long-term training program to meet your goals.  Regardless of your dog’s breed, age, personality or history, we can create a customized dog training program that will fit your dog and lifestyle.

Call for pricing!  

Rally Obedience

AKC Rally is a team sport where you and your dog navigate through a course of 10-20 different signs. Each sign provides instructions of various obedience commands. The dog and handler move continuously throughout the timed course with a clear sense of teamwork. It’s all about working as a team while performing the skills, with the dog under control. This sport is perfect for building trust, focus and communication between you and your dog while keeping life fun and engaging.  This six week course is held once a week at our training facility. We welcome all breeds and ages six months and older, prior basic obedience is recommended!


Beginner Rally Obedience Class

Cost: $95.00

Drop-in Rally Obedience available every Thursday at 2:00 pm and Sunday at 3:00 pm

Cost: $10 per session or $35 for four sessions

AKC Canine Good Citizen/Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Canine Good Citizen course with official CGC testing at graduation!  The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program is the gold standard of behavior for dogs in our communities. This class will prepare your dog for everyday situations and proper etiquette in the home as well as in public. Participants who successfully pass all 10 parts of the test earn a certificate from the AKC.  Two additional weeks of instruction offered to those who pass CGC testing and wish to register with Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Inc.  This six week course is held once a week at our training facility. We welcome all breeds and ages 6 months and older!


Class covers:

·         Greet a friendly stranger

·         Sit politely for petting

·         Welcomes being groomed, brushed, allows paws and ears to be handled

·         Loose- leash walking, attentiveness to owner

·         Moves politely through a crowd

·         Sits, lies down and stays in place

·         Comes when called

·         Behaves politely around other dogs

·         Reacts with confidence to distractions

·         Can be left with a trusted person

Cost: $95.00 ($5 paperwork processing fee for those who choose to obtain CGC certificate)

Scent Work

Dogs have a sense of smell that’s between 10,000 and 100,000 times more acute than ours! The sport of scent work uses your dog’s natural ability to sniff and turns it into a rewarding game. The handler has to rely on the dog’s nose to locate the target odor for success. This sport is based on the work of professional detection dogs such as drug dogs. In AKC Scent Work, dogs search for cotton swabs saturated with the essential oils of Birch, Anise, Clove and Cypress. Teamwork is necessary! When the dog finds the scent, they have to communicate the find to the handler.  

With these skills you can teach your dog to locate deer antlers, morel mushrooms, lost keys or even family members!

No previous obedience is required for class.  

This six week course is held once a week at our training facility. We welcome all breeds and ages six months and older!


Scent Work Class

Cost: $95.00 (includes scent work kit for class)

Drop-in Scent Work available every Friday at 10 am 

Cost: $15 per session or $50 for 4 sessions

Glenna Hendrix

Glenna has a certificate in canine social and psychological development, in addition to being a professional pet groomer. Glenna has helped owners and pets gain understanding and confidence with everyday issues as well as fear and aggression in the family dog since 1999. She has helped develop a training program to meet the needs of the local community. When not teaching or grooming, she enjoys leading her local 4-H group dog project, training or competing in Rally Obedience and spending time with her family and seven dogs. Call Glenna at 208-610-2171.

Monica Mangum

Although she has had a passion for dogs since childhood, Monica’s career as a professional dog trainer didn’t begin until she had the opportunity to attend the Tom Rose School for Dog Trainers in 2004. It was here that Monica learned how to train for competition obedience, search and rescue, protection, agility, schutzhund, narcotic search and much more! After this, Monica went on to start her own dog training business while working at veterinary hospitals, shelters and volunteering for search and rescue. As of 2019 Monica has decided to become our full- time dog trainer here at the Pend Oreille Pet Lodge. She is excited to offer our new stay and train programs, group classes and private lessons! Monica continuously strives to advance her techniques by expanding her education in current training methods and animal behavior. Along with being an AKC CGC tester and the Tom Rose School certification, she is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, one of the largest dog-professional organizations. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, riding motorcycles with her husband, hiking with their three Australian shepherds: Josie, Logan, Ander, and art projects. Call Monica at 208-651-0008!

Bronwyn Toth

Bronwyn has been working at POVS since 2011, first as a kennel assistant before discovering that her passion was in grooming and training. She recently graduated from Animal Behavioral College with a full grooming certification. She is also CPR and First Aid certified through the same program. As the puppy trainer here she loves to take on the challenge of working with a blank slate and setting up new pets for a lifetime of success and training. She is dedicated to working with puppies with patience and confidence, and will help guide owners and puppies to work together as a team.